Quick House Sales – Who we help

There are many reasons that you might look for a fast house sale – we have seen all kinds of situations and understand entirely the challenges and stress that goes along with selling your home.

It may be that you

Have bought another house

If you have already committed to buying another home – working with us as a professional homebuyer can serve you well. We are in the position to make to an instant offer and allow you to move home immediately.

A change in Workplace

The employment marketplace is increasingly fluid and often people find themselves having to move location quickly – at a time when you and your family are relocating trying to sell your home remotely is another challenge you could do without – working with us gives you a guaranteed sale and the opportunity to focus on your new home.

A change in marital or personal circumstances

In situations where a divorce or separation of a relationship has happened – both parties may prefer a discreet quick sale that allows those involved to move on both literally and metaphorically – can make an instant purchase in order to allow this to happen

Inherited or own an unneeded property

If you have a home which has been left to you or perhaps a rental property that you no longer want to be involved in, we can make a quick buying decision releasing you of the burden and giving you cash that might be needed. Our experts can provide a same day valuation allowing you make a decision as to whether you wish to go through a quick sale or traditional sales model.

Credit issues

If creditors are pressing or worse you have been served with a repossession notice – we can quickly help you to resolve the situation. By making you an offer we enable you to clear debt and if need be go to court with you in order to stop proceedings with proof of contracts for a sale of your home. Although this may not be a pleasant experience for you – at least with us at your side you can quickly make a sale and resolve the situation amicably.